Sterile Processing Technician

Under the supervision of the Infection Control Officer and as a member of the medical team, the Sterile Supply Technician is responsible for performing a variety of functions from decontamination, to cleaning, inspection, assembly, sterilization, and distribution of various instruments and equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU). Assumes responsibility for operating and maintaining ultrasonic washer, washer sterilizer, steam autoclave, and all other processing services and supplies.

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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Performs all aspects of daily work in a manner which contributes to and ensures an environment of patient safety.
  • Prepares supplies and equipment needed for patient care while following standards for labeling of packages and containers.
  • Collaborates with Medical Assistant floor leads to maintain adequate par levels of instruments, both common stock and special order items, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Assembles and packages instruments for sterilization following practice that is in compliance with JC, AORN, AAMI, and APIC standards.
  • Performs decontamination procedures according to prescribed specifications in a safe and cost-effective manner. Prewashes and disassembles instruments for processing according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Addresses damage/repair of instruments upon arrival into decontamination area and reports activities to supervisor. Reports equipment malfunctions to supervisor.
  • Responsible for monitoring all of the sterilization processes that affect the achievement of sterility—the mechanical, chemical, and biological tests, as well as procedures for traceability.
  • Operates ultrasonic, washer-disinfector, and steam autoclave and performs weekly and monthly checks and sanitizing as appropriate.
  • Performs and documents routine safety checks and cleaning of equipment in appropriate logs. Properly maintains all equipment and keeps work area clean and orderly.
  • Correctly packages and wraps supplies and instruments.
  • Inspect instruments prior to distribution on the floors/sites for function, defects, cleanliness, and overall condition.
  • Assists in other areas of the department and performs additional duties as necessary.
  • Maintains adequate documentation on logs for sterilizers, washers, spore testing, and biological and chemical tests.
  • Responsible for the efficient supply, storage, maintenance, and adequate disinfection at the point of use of all instruments used in all clinic sites/areas.
  • Trains and orients medical assistant staff in proper sterilization as appropriate.
  • Participates in quality improvement initiatives
  • Meets Agency Participatory Expectations
  • Performs related duties as required

Supervisory Responsibility:

  • Medical Assistant staff who are cross-trained on sterile processing and disinfection procedures


  • High School Diploma or equivalent. 
  • Vocational or Technical training in central processing preferred.
  • Certified Registered Central Sterile Technician or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) strongly preferred.
  • Successful completion of Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant Program or comparable experience preferred
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Able to work autonomously while exercising safe judgment and decision-making
  • Willingness to work any shift FH is open as needed, including evenings, for coverage purposes
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Effective skills in the areas of service, teamwork, communication, respect for others, and time/priority management
  • Able to multitask and function in a fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrates an appropriate appearance and demeanor, consistent with a professional work environment
  • Maintains up to date knowledge of infection control and medical terminology as well as sterilization processes.
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Experience working with an ethnically, culturally and racially diverse work staff preferred
  • Ability to deal effectively with stress relating to the changing organizational, personnel, and healthcare environment
  • Ability to read and write in English in order to understand basic safety instructions.
  • Demonstrates competency in written, oral, and electronic communication
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LGBTQ-identified persons, people of color, and others from historically underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.